Chapter 01 ~ Barry Sonnenfeld says…

I remember, or think I remember watching a DVD extra from Men in Black 1 or 2 where Barry Sonnenfeld says something about how he starts a scene after action has already has begun. When you watch a Sonnenfeld movie (Men in Black, Addams Family Values, etc…) you’ll see what he means. It is like entering a room after a party has started. You don’t need to work up to anything. There is no need for long drawn out exposition. No need to ease into it. The action is already flowing but not to a point where you don’t know what is happening. I’m starting this journal, blog, textual meditation after my story has begun. Oh, don’t worry… I’ll have enough flashback scenes to fill in the back story. And maybe, just maybe, a villain will be defeated, a world will be saved… I can at least guarantee, someone WILL get the girl!

groomingtake care of each other

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